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The Enhance Cosmetic Clinic Difference

With a small, dedicated team who are 100% committed to patient care and safety, you can be confident of receiving the best treatment to complement your facial structure – with a level of care you won’t find elsewhere.

Here are 4 key benefits you receive when you choose Enhance Cosmetic Clinic:

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Full Face Review

Rather than just an individual cosmetic treatment, trained medical professionals will undertake a full-face review beforehand, ensuring that your treatment fully complements the specific shape, structure and colour of your face.

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No Time Limits

During your appointment, you’ll enjoy a calm, considered and thorough approach to your cosmetic treatments, where your medical professional will take the necessary time to ensure your safety and comfort at every step.

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A Natural Look

Our talented medical professionals administer the injectables and other treatments in a way that achieves as natural a look as possible, enhancing your natural beauty and without appearing artificial.

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Why Choose Enhance Cosmetic Clinic Beenleigh

From your first consultation, right up to post-treatment care, you’ll benefit from a cosmetic experience that never falters in its professionalism and personal care.

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Always The Right Treatment For You

You can always expect our honesty and the sincerity of our professional opinion. Before your treatment has even begun, your medical professional will sit down with you and discuss your treatment plans, ensuring the results you want to achieve will complement your face and your existing features.

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Always Part Of The Plan

The medical professionals at Enhance Cosmetic Clinic Beenleigh, who you’ll build a relationship with, ensure your treatments are administered as part of a comprehensive treatment programme. Your treatment plan will complement any existing treatments you’ve had and any future ones you may be considering.

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Always The Best In Safety & Care

You can feel confident knowing the team providing your treatments, abide by all applicable industry practices and regulations and adheres to strict compliance at every step. Your safety and comfort will always be the number one priority, regardless of the frequency, price and type of your treatment

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Our Treatments

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

A non-surgical procedure designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping to create a more youthful appearance.

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Dermal Fillers & Lip Fillers

Injectable gels designed to restore volume in specific areas of the face, instantly refresh your appearance and attract moisture to affected areas, filling out lines and restoring firmness to your skin.

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PDO Threads

PDO Threads are a non surgical treatment used to stimulate collagen, rejuvenate skin, tighten and subtly lift many areas of the face and body. 

Next Steps

  1. Book online for your free consultation with an Enhance Cosmetic Clinic Beenleigh professional.
  2. Enjoy a personalised video consultation with a Supervising Prescriber, to help us better understand your situation and needs and to ensure the treatment you’re after is the ideal one for you.
  3. The Supervising Prescriber will approve your treatment.
  4. A tailored treatment plan developed for you, which includes a full-face review by a medical professional to recommend supplementary treatments.

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Who We Are

At the heart of everything we do is a sincere desire to help you feel more comfortable and confident within yourself and your skin.

The team looking after you throughout your treatments consist of medical professionals with a combined 100+ years industry experience and all of whom take pleasure in seeing you walk out a little taller and smiling a little wider.

Our supervising prescribers who prescribe our products are the same medical professionals who conduct your video consultations with you before your treatments and help guide you through the whole process

At Enhance Cosmetic Clinic, you’ll enjoy a level of thoroughness, professionalism and comfort you won’t find anywhere else.

Our team pride themselves on a high level of care that’s maintained throughout your entire time with us, from your initial consultations and the development of your treatment plan, right through to the regular follow-ups and post-treatment care.

We invite you to make your enquiry today – we’d love to discuss your aesthetic goals and how we may assist you in achieving the precise look you desire.

“Mel is one of the most caring and understanding injectable’s nurses I have ever worked with. She takes the time to explain and does her best to show you what you will expect from your treatment. Her advice is easy to understand and she is very clear in what she thinks will work and what won’t. I’m so so so happy with the results. Beautiful salon and very competitive pricing. Cannot recommend enough!”
Maryanne Lyon
“A beautiful experience from the moment I stepped in the clinic today. Greeted warmly by Mel and lovingly treated by Mel. Everything was well explained and no question was left unanswered. So I jumped right in and we took care of business. I have every confidence I will be happy with the results. After developing frown lines from too many years of migraines, I took the opportunity of self care. Looked around at many places and felt the warm fuzzies whem reading the reviews of Mel & Rachel at Enhance.”
Pauline AhChee
“Street parking directly in front of store. Beautiful and well maintained inside store. Lovely staff who are very helpful and really take the time to get to know you as an individual rather than just a dollar symbol. Mel is the first nurse I had, and I have been going back to her religiously. These ladies are good at their job! The prices are very reasonable. You won’t go anywhere else after coming here! Highly highly HIGHLY recommend coming here for all your injectable/skin care needs.”
Bianca G

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